Empowered Parents.Thriving Children.

Empowering parents on their child’s autism or ADHD journey

Our Story

Inspired by the real life stories of overwhelmed & disempowered parents on their children’s ADHD and/or autism care journeys, we made it our mission to support parents in their important role as caregivers - ultimately helping children thrive.

Millions of Children and Families Affected

It is estimated* that 68 million children are diagnosed with ADHD and 13 million children with autism (ASD).

There has also been a marked increase** in prevalence over the last few years - 4% and 9,5% respectively compared to 2016.

Sources: * GBD, 2019; ** AMA, 2022

Parents Unable to Access Support

It has been shown that that by equipping parents with practical parenting support strategies improves outcomes for both children and parents. However, parents often find themselves waiting more than 6 months for an appointment, or unable to afford the support.

It is estimated that the number of therapists would need to be doubled to meet the current therapy needs of families and by 2025 there’ll be a shortage of 238,000 therapists*.

Sources: * HRSA, 2016

Parents aren’t Empowered

Parents play a vital role as caregiver on a child’s ADHD or autism journey. This is an overwhelming responsibility and often lonely experience for most parents.

Our Solution

A companion app for parents

Tracto combines data science, human-centered design and evidence-based parent training & coaching in a novel way to empower parents, by simplifying everyday parental caregiving responsibilities and improving access to affordable parent support.

Go to www.tracto.app to learn more

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